House models

We plan to build only ten houses in the ecovillage. Our architects have therefore developed ten different basic house-types, having regard to the architectural unit of the ecovillage with the same philosophy, along the principles of visual and material use, but with slightly different solutions in size and appearance. The size and orientation of each plots is suitable for any of the ten basic house types, so after selecting a plot, any of the chosen basic house-types can be built on any of the plots. Any chosen basic house type can be expanded in a module system based on individual needs and can even be fundamentally redesigned as an option. We present all ten of our basic house types from two sights. Our building materials are landscape-friendly, redesigned versions of the traditional materials, according to the current trends: variations of natural materials (maximum 3 types) white plaster + red tile, white plaster + anthracite tile or sheet metal, white plaster + brick + red tile, white plaster + brick + anthracite tile or sheet metal, white plaster + wood panels + red tile, white plaster + wood cladding + anthracite tile or sheet metal, wood panels + brick + red tile, wood panels + brick + anthracite tile or sheet metal.