Following the philosophy of the early Árpádian hillforts the ecovillage is surrounded by an almost 3-meter high, landscaped, irregularly shaped, circular embankment of about 1,5 km in length, varying in width. There is a ditch system in front of the embankment and in front of the ditch system, the outer perimeter of the estate is marked by a steel mesh fence. The steel mesh fence is electronically protected with an industrial camera system and motion sensors, and the multifunctional, landscaped ditch and embankment system provide an aesthetic external appearance. It forms a compact unit and at the same time provides protection against any physical impact. It is made of natural material – earth – so it is massive, unbreakable, non-combustible. It shelters against wind, dust, and possible extreme floodwaters, beneficially and effectively protects against unauthorized intrusion, either it is accidental or well-organized. This system perfectly hides all the inner parts of the ecovillage from the outside observer, from all sides, in harmony with the landscape, and it also serves as a design element from the outside. The embankment system is multifunctional: the neatly cut and tended grass on its outer surface is also utilized for grazing “racka” sheep, on the top of the embankment there is a polyurethane running track, next to it there will be a pedestrian walking path with observation points at some places, benches in landscaped areas and outdoor sports facilities, that serve the recreation of people living here. The inner surface of the embankment is already an area belonging to each house’s own garden, so it can be used for hobby garden cultivation or a recreation area with lawn. The multifunctional embankment system of the ecovillage has a single gate that can be used also by motor vehicle. It is equipped with a built-in anti-breakthrough system, a barrier and an electronic access and camera system that registers and stores all entries and exits, thus ensuring the peace of mind of those living here. A webcam operates on the area of the village, the screen of which can be viewed by any homeowner, who has access to it, at 24 hours a day via internet. The ecovillage is protected by a “moving” security guard.